We believe that all giving should come from what God places on your heart.

God loves a cheerful giver, so before you give anywhere, seek the Lord’s voice and ask Him what He would like you to do.  If you have been blessed by what you have seen and/or heard on this website, ask God if you should give and if so, what amount.  If you are not able to give financially, we always need prayer.  

Our purpose in this ministry is to help others, to meet their needs as best we can, as we teach them about the love of God and Jesus and what He has done for all. 

As you will see in the outreach section of this website we are currently helping the poor in Uganda by building homes for them.  Monies are needed to support this mission, but so are prayers for God to open their hearts to receive the good news of Jesus Christ, and prayers for funds to be made available to send to them.  100% of all monies donated go directly to Uganda.

We not only give to the needy in Uganda, but we also give to those in need here in the US.

We thank you in advance for whatever God brings to your heart to do; whether it be financial giving or prayers.
God bless you.